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Can essential oils and bath oils be used in a sauna, bubble baths (Jacuzzis) and steam cabins?

  • You can certainly use Biover essential oils for diffusion in the sauna. However, as a general rule you must never use excessive dosages of essential oils as they are 100% pure and highly concentrated. Essential oils must always be diluted in water, you must never pour them directly onto the fire. Use no more than 10 drops of essential oil per bucket of water.
  • In general, the use of strongly oiled products (e.g. bath oils) in bubble baths is not recommended. Residues can easily become lodged in the piping system, leading to blockage and other problems. If you nevertheless decide to use oil-based products in your bubble bath, a special cleansing programme needs to be followed (contact the manufacturer for details). Undiluted essential oils must never be used in a bubble bath: dilute them in a base oil or a bath foam.
  • Use in steam cabins: dependent upon the type of cabin, the essential oils can be poured into the reservoir provided or into the recess in the top of the steamer. A few drops will be sufficient! For steam cabins which are not specially equipped for the use of essential oils, you can pour a few drops of essential oil onto a natural sponge, which you can then place in the corner of the cabin. This sponge will also be made damp by the warm steam, causing the oils to evaporate.

Obviously, not every oil is suitable for use in a sauna, bubble bath or steam cabin. Indeed, some oils are highly irritating.  The recommended use of every essential oil can be found under the heading ‘products’. The essential oil of eucalyptus is e.g. ideally suited for evaporation in the sauna.

As essential oils are highly flammable, we recommend you store these oils safely in a cool, dark place. Make sure you don’t leave the bottle in the sauna or in the steam cabin.

Saunas, bubble baths and steam cabins invariably require special maintenance and cleansing. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. The use of additives in such equipment is always at your own risk.

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